Denise Sullivan

Denise Sullivan is an arts and cultural reporter and leads the award-winning SFLives project: Telling the stories of ordinary San Franciscans living under the extraordinary pressures of the 21st Century. Editor of the San Francisco story anthology, Your Golden Sun Still Shines and co-editor of three poetry anthologies in the series, The City Is Already Speaking: The Sound of Calle 24, Sullivan is the author of five published titles, including Keep on Pushing: Black Power Music From Blues to Hip Hop and the chapbook, The Rakish Tam. She contributes to Downbeat, The San Francisco Chronicle, Down With Tyranny! and Tourworthy.

Jenna Littlejohn

Jenna Littlejohn is a writer and a former bookseller at Bird & Beckett Books and Records. She has helped produce several events for the Bird & Beckett Cultural Legacy Project including SF Lives. She spends her time aiding community organizations as a development strategist in the East Bay. She enjoys jazz, writing poems, and cooking dinner. Her dislikes include economic and social inequality